Welcome!  We’re glad you’ve found our church!

In my forty plus years of pastoring churches, it has always been my desire to experience the work of the Holy Spirit in building the church.  We are experiencing that here at
Calvary Baptist. 

The preaching and teaching of God’s Word is paramount
Each believer is encouraged to serve in some capacity using their gifts and abilities for the Lord.

  • We, through prayer, endeavor to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in all leadership decisions.  Each service is led in worship to invite the Holy Spirit to minister God’s Word to our hearts.  We are always seeking ways to deepen our love for God and each other.
  • We believe the church is to reach out to the people of our community, modeling the command of Christ to reach all nations.
  • We believe the local church is to be the center of Christian relationship, where individuals and families can bond together by praying for each other, studying the Bible for understanding and spiritual growth, and helping each other in times of need.
  • We believe the local church is the place where people of all backgrounds and interests can come together to worship God, learn from His Word, and fellowship together as one.
  • We believe that all of the benefits we enjoy here at our church are based on our commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior, and God’s Word the Bible as our guide for life.
  • We sincerely hope you’ll look further into what makes our church what it is.  We welcome you to share the joy that we’ve found.

Pastor Dean Grotzke