Calvary Baptist Church has an extensive missions program.  It supports a variety of missionaries and missions ministries, both locally and internationally.

Our local missions include such ministries as Pregnancy Resource Center, the local Gideon’s Camp, Everett Gospel Missions, and Child Evangelism Fellowship.  We also operate our own Awana program for the boys and girls of our community.  Often, we host other local mission’s ministries enabling them to present their ministries for prayer and financial support.

Our mission ministries within the United States include the financial support of our state representative, our Church Planting Ministry, the Hispanic Ministry in Quincy, WA and various missionaries that promote missions in the churches of our fellowship as:  Shepherds Ministries and Awana.

Our worldwide ministries include a number of single missionaries and couples who minister in countries all over the world.  We host Awana missionaries that train Awana leaders in the Arab nations.  We actively support a pastor and his family in our sister church in Liberia.

This is a simple overview of our practice of obeying the Lord’s command to make disciples of all the nations of the world.  Everyone attending our church knows very quickly how important supporting missions is to the family of Calvary Baptist Church.